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System Integration Perth

Do you have two or more established systems that you need to connect, or do you have a manual task for a system you’d like to automate? We can help.

Software Integration

We build bridges.

Do you have many software systems that you are already using? These systems may suit your requirements well, but if they are disconnected from each other you may find it difficult to get a complete and accurate view of your business.

We can get these systems talking to each other.

Not only does this save time, it improves accuracy and ensures your business remains scalable as your data requirements grow.

API Integrations

An API (Application Programming Interface) is something provided to software developers to interface with existing systems. Many cloud-based software systems provide a web-based API that we can work with to push and pull information, and to automatically trigger actions in the software.

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Database Integrations

For customers who are self-hosting software on their own IT infrastructure, it's feasible to bypass any APIs and connect directly to the software's database. This enables the development of reports and KPI dashboards as well as integrations that are data-intensive. With a direct database connection, we can engineer high performance solutions that would be infeasible with a simple API.

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Automate Workloads

Humans are slow, expensive and make mistakes. A software integration can remove manual workloads and human-error from a business process. This improves productivity, enforces the consistent application of business procedures and provides scalability without requiring an increase in human resources.

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Do you require a software integration?

Get in touch today so we can discuss the requirements and make some helpful suggestions.

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