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.NET Developers Perth

Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET is a framework encompasing multiple programming languages, libraries and tools for developing software. .NET is the best choice for building robust, maintainable and scalable software for business applications. .NET enjoys wide community support and with .NET we can write cross platform applications that run on Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Software development with C#

There are multiple programming languages available for working with the .NET Framework. Our language of choice is C#, which we use whenever we are developing .NET applications. We use C# because it's feature-rich and enjoys the widest community support for languages in the .NET family. We use C# to write good software quickly, and to ensure that our code base may be maintained by other developers.

Cross platform development with .NET

Microsoft is changing. They have embraced open source and platforms outside of the Microsoft eco-system. As a result, many of the old arguments against Microsoft development no longer apply. With .NET Core, the common language runtime (CLR) and the Framework Class Library were re-written from the ground up and now we have a lean, modular, well-supported framework for building cross-platform software. This is great for businesses who can now explore a variety of options for running software at a lower total cost of ownership.

ASP.NET Core for the web

ASP.NET Core is a framework for building web applications and web services. It's faster than ASP.NET, it's more modular than ASP.NET and can be run on Windows, Linux or MacOS. ASP.NET Core MVC provides for well-architected, secure and testable web applications. With ASP.NET Core's Razor language, our developers are given fine control over the HTML markup for the efficient delivery of dynamic web content.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

When we're building native desktop software for Windows, we develop with WPF using the MVVM architectural pattern. This pattern gives us a good separation of concerns for maintainability, extensibility and testability. With XAML, WPF provides many advantages over traditional Winforms, giving us greater control of the look and feel of desktop software. With hardware acceleration, WPF also delivers high performance for 2D and 3D graphical applications.


Xamarin tools allow for the development of mobile applications on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Xamarin has advantages over frameworks such as Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) in that developers can write a single application and deliver a native experience for iOS, Android and the Universal Windows Platform.

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