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Custom Software Perth

We build software with you to meet your specific requirements. Custom software can help you to reduce costs, increase productivity, mitigate key-person dependency, deliver reports and dashboards to management, automate processes, crunch large datasets, enforce procedures, provide accountability and more.

What does your business need?

First we work with you to understand the problems your business needs to solve. We don't start to propose solutions until we are all on the same page. Our engagement process starts with at least one day at your place of business to gather and analyse requirements, communicate this understanding with user stories and develop a scope document.

Is a custom solution required?

Code Forge are uniquely positioned to look at business requirements and consider a range of potential solutions. Before diving into a custom soltion, we identify whether an existing software package can meet most or all of your requirements.

Which technologies should we use?

Once we understand your requirements and how your software may need to scale, we select the platforms, languages and tools to build your software. We prefer working with the Microsoft stack, but we are experienced with Python, JavaScript and other technologies which may be a better fit.

What will it look like?

We want feedback as early as possible in the development process so we work on UI (User Interface) design and prototypes before we start writing code. We put this in front of you so that you can trust we will meet your requirements and ensure an optimal experience for your users.

When can I see results?

We develop software following Agile principles. We look to the minimum set of features required to get a working product and we build this first. We work with fixed time frame "sprints" (usually 2 weeks) with clear deliverables that you shape with us.

What if we want more?

Following the successful delivery of software, we offer options for ongoing support and updates. You'll have us on hand to ask questions, raise issues and to work through new ideas for your software systems.

Our Software Development Standards

We stand out because of the following standards we apply to every aspect of the web applications we develop.

Years of

We have experience in developing software for some of the largest and most successful companies in Western Australia.

High Performance

Using .NET Core allows us to deliver cross-platform software that is fast and secure by design.

The Agile Method

We prefer the agile approach to software development. This method delivers tangible results early and works well with evolving requirements.

Reliable Infrastructure

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure or self-hosting, we ensure high-availability for mission-critical applications.

Require custom software Development?

If you require any sort of custom software, please get in touch with us today!

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