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PostgreSQL is our open source database platform of choice.

Why Postgres?

The Tools

We value the tools that the Postgres community provides. PgAdmin is a powerful and user-friendly management tool for PostgreSQL databases, while Npgsql libraries ensure seamless integration with .NET applications. Whether you choose an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) solution like Entity Framework Core or prefer a more hands-on approach, PostgreSQL offers a wide range of tools to help you create and manage your data model.

Versions and Pricing

PostgreSQL is a free and open-source database, which means it's completely free to use and customize according to your needs. You can enjoy the power and flexibility of PostgreSQL without worrying about licensing costs. We can help you implement and optimise PostgreSQL for your business, ensuring you get the most out of this powerful database management system.

Write that SQL

Already have a PostgreSQL database in place? You might need a SQL expert to craft queries and optimise performance. We take pride in assisting our clients in extracting valuable information from Postgres databases and presenting it through reports, dashboards, and integration with other systems.

Back it up

What does your disaster recovery plan look like? Are your databases being backed up on schedule? Have you tested database restoration and ensured your systems can be brought back online promptly? If something has gone wrong, do you need help recovering data from your backups? We're here to help and ensure that your valuable data is always protected.

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