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Database Development Perth

Code Forge provide high quality database development services in Perth. We have experience across multiple platforms including SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB.

Database Design and Development.

A database provides a consistent, structured way to store information for a software system. A well engineered database captures important information succinctly, and provides for fast information retrieval and reporting.

We know how to plan a database. We work closely with you to understand your business, then we model the database schema to suit. We follow solid database engineering principles for high performance and to scale for future requirements.

How we work with databases

With experience, we've come to understand the best way to do things.

Well designed

We model the business right. Our database designs avoid redundancy and ensure that a database can scale with our customers' requirements. With well chosen foreign keys and indexes, we enforce data integrity and deliver high performance.

We keep business rules out of stored procedures and put them in application code where they belong. We use strict and consistent naming conventions, avoid abbreviations and follow industry standards to promote discoverability for future developers.

Exceptional SQL

The SQL we write is well structured and beautifully formatted. We leverage SQL to its fullest while ensuring that queries are simple enough for the database engine to build optimal query plans.

We don't always use SQL though. We leverage Object-relational mapping frameworks (ORMs) such as Entity Framework Core to build software quickly, and to improve maintainability.

Existing Databases

We are experienced in making sense of existing databases and writing SQL queries to pull the information our customers need. We work with existing databases to provide for reports, dashboards and additional functionality when our customers can't get what they need out of their current software systems.

SQL Server

SQL Server is our preferred relational database management system (RDBMS). We are well-versed in database development using SQL Server Management Studio and the SQL tools in Visual Studio. When developing software with the .NET Framework and SQL Server, we use a database-first approach with Entity Framework Core.

Relational or NoSQL?

The right tool for the job.

Sometimes a relational database does not work for our customers, particularly when there is a need for horizontally scalable infrastructure. With a NoSQL solution such as MongoDB, we can scale across multiple servers.

We are masochists

Code Forge staff are curious by nature and enjoy working with uncommon database platforms.

The most notable example is our experience with the Rocket U2 platform encompassing UniVerse and UniData. We also have experience working with Informix via ODBC. Contact us if you are struggling to find a local Perth based service provider for your database platform.


If you have a data structure you'd like to make sense we'd love to hear about it.

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