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SQL Server
Development Perth

Microsoft SQL Server is our database platform of choice.

Why SQL Server?

The Tools

We appreciate the tools that Microsoft provide. SQL Server Management Studio is without peer and .NET libraries and tools works easiest with SQL Server. Entity Framework with either a code-first or database-first approach gives us scaffolding tools for creating database objects and generating code that maps to our our data model.

Versions and Pricing

SQL Server has different versions with different pricing depending on your requirements. Do you need the Enterprise or Standard version of SQL Server? Or can you save on licensing costs with SQL Server Express? Let us help you decide on what your business needs.

Write that SQL

Do you already have a SQL Server database in place? Perhaps you need a SQL expert to write some queries to make things happen. We love helping our clients get the information they need out of SQL Server and into reports, dashboards and integrated with other systems.

Back it up

How's your disaster recovery plan? Is your database being backed up on a schedule? Have you tested a restore of your database and made sure your systems may be brought back online? Has something gone wrong and you need help recovering data from your backups? Let us see if we can help.

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